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  • Pre-coated material - PRE-COATED METAL (High temperature resistance with various colours)
    2013-11-18 04:39:25
  • Application: Pre-coated metal, available in wide range of colours with excellent release properties and high temperature resistance, manufactured by Cooper Coated Coil Ltd. in U.K., the first company in the world to provide this market with a pre-coated non-stick product and is now the acknowledged market leader worldwide.
  • Our products are particularly suitable in areas such as Home Appliances, hot-plate applications, oven-tray, bake-ware, kitchen ware, gas set, kitchen range hood, gas table top, oil pot, grills, toaster, warming plates, oven casting, and hot inserts etc. Our products has manufactured under ISO9002 quality accreditation and met FDA and BGA food safety required.
  • Products like Easy Clean Non-stick Bake-ware Coating, High Performance Non-stick Coating, and Appliance and Special Coatings.
  • CCC can coat on different materials and have different colour with various sizes and models of Bake-ware suitable for different market.