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  • ILAG Swiss Quality Coating
    2017-07-12 10:18:19

    ILAG Swiss Quality Coating

    ILAG specialize in manufacturing High Quality Non-stick coating from Switzerland.

    Develop and produce high-performance and non-stick coatings, which are used in the following areas:

    • Cookware
      Whether pots, pans or roasting pans – with our coatings, nothing burns on.
    • Bakeware
      Neither sweet or sour dough sticks and baking is a success.
    • Household items and kitchen gadgets
      Everyday objects are even more powerful with ILAG coatings.
    • Electrical appliances
      Insulating and non-stick properties guarantee easy handling and maximum practicality.
    • Technical Applications
      Decoration and protection – we have the right solutions to meet the growing demands of the industry.

    Professional work can only succeed together with professional equipment. This includes in particular a highly durable non-stick coating such as ILAG.