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  • PTFE Glass Fabrics
    2013-11-18 04:43:17

    Specification of PTFE & Silicone Coated Glass Fabrics:

    • All condition stability: It can be used in – 70 ℃ upto 260 ℃ for a long time.
    • Excellent adhesive resistant property: especially being processed with special surface treatment, which makes the fabric unstuck, the material is free from any adhesive phenomena. Therefore, it is very easy to remove most adhesive matters. Such as paste, resin, dope etc.
    • Mechanical property: It is no distortion and no shortage of the roll after bearing 200kg /c ㎡ a compression load, low friction coefficient and good size stability
    • Unique fine electric insulation property: PTFE Coated Fiberglass Cloth Tape is equipped with unique insulation.
    • Excellent chemical resistance: impervious to virtually all chemical.
    • Application: PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Cloth also widely used in aviation, automobile, electronic, electrical appliance, food packing, paper-making, plastic, printing, clothing, textile and chemical industry